Dear Sensational,

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Sensational Spas and my new Sensational Spa. Throughout the entire process Sensational Spas has exceeded my expectations. You were extremely helpful in the decision making process. My wife and I were provided with a superior explanation of the different spas and features. We really valued your honesty during this process.
The crew that installed my spa was outstanding. The installation process was professional, flawless and efficient. Furthermore, the training provided me with the knowledge I will need to properly maintain my spa. Your installation crew should be congratulated for a job well done.
Finally, I am confident that if a problem should occur, I can count on Sensational Spas to help find a resolution. Both my wife and I feel that Sensational Spas provided us with the best product, the best value, and the best service.



Approximately one year ago we purchased our second spa from Sensational Spas. We selected a model that had exceptional jet action. It has been the most therapeutic spa we have ever had. Two years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and a few months ago I began to experience extreme pain in my right leg, which is a side effect of the disease. After several trips to a chiropractor to relieve the discomfort, I began using the jets on the pain trigger points. It was effective at reducing the pain as the trips to the chiropractor had been. I use the spa every day to keep the pain from returning and it continues to work. I have found that, no matter what type of muscle strain I have, my spa has a combination of jets to relieve the symptoms.
I can’t say enough about the spa we purchased from you and how helpful your staff has always been. We will continue to recommend Sensational Spas to our friends.


Thank you so much for taking such care in installing my new Sensational Spa. I also appreciate your electrical wisdom. I know you asked me to attach the wire with tacks, but I didn’t have cutters to cut through the # 6 wire. I appreciate your help in completing this task.


Dear Friends,

Just wanted to thank you for the great service you have provided before, during, and after our spa. Should we come in contact with anyone interested in a spa, we will definitely send them your way, and let them know you provide excellent service. Thanks again, we appreciate it.

Kathy & Roger

Dear Brian, Troy, Ken, Tim, and Jordan,

I love my new spa! Thank you for excellent service and products!! Your faithful customer for over five years.


Your previous service was exemplary. Ken found a way to say yes to what I needed and my price range. The service crew is world class!


Sensational Spas,

Thanks for all the little extras you provided to install my new hot tub. I know it wasn’t the easiest. Your salesman Jeff was honest and informative and made me very comfortable in my purchasing decision. See you when I need chemicals.


Ken, Brian, Tim, Jeff, and the rest,

You should hold a class for new spa buyers. Ken was very informative on the different spas and helped us choose the Hawaiian from Caldera. All the information at installation time on how to use the chemicals we got and how to operate all the spa functions was excellent. Our friend Marilyn recommended Sensational Spas when we were talking about getting a hot tub. She was right. Thank you so much for everything.

John & Laurie

Thanks Sensational,

When we decided to replace our old hot tub we did shop around and looked on the internet. Having been previous customers we had already enjoyed previous support from your company and know that will continue with our new Sensational Spa. Because we looked around we knew that we were getting a fair price on our new spa. We want to thank you for working with us so we could get the right spa and stay within our budget. We will definitely recommend Sensational Spas to our friends and family. Thanks again.

Ron & Barb

Dear Brian,

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the very professional job in the delivery and set up of my new spa. It was amazing to watch. I am very pleased with my new spa. I am getting used to the things that are different and I am very happy with the transition. A special thanks to Ken for “twisting my arm” and being so positive and patient in my decision to upgrade. Also, to Jeff for his expertise in going over the paperwork. Thanks for everything – especially the extras you put in the spa package. Thanks Brian, Troy, Ken, Jeff, and everyone else. It is a pleasure to do business with the whole staff.


Your people and their knowledge are great. The sales staff patiently answered all our questions in depth and without hesitation. We looked at many places, even in Chicago, but your selection was the most impressive. We love the hot tub! Thanks!



We will surely recommend you to our friends and family. We shopped around before buying our Artesian Spa from you. We felt we were being educated, not sold to. We did have a small problem with the spa after delivery but one of your service technicians was out right away the next morning to take care of it. Great service!! Anyone asking us about hot tubs we will recommend Sensational Spas in a heartbeat.

Wiley & Tara