Spa Accessories

Enhance your spa enjoyment with our great selection of spa accessories. Now that you’ve chosen the spa of your dreams, add some final touches to complete the experience. Here are just a few products we offer:

  • Spa steps are a must for safely entering and exiting your spa and are available in many styles and colors to compliment spa cabinetry. Also available are handrails for added safety.
  • Spa cover lifters are recommended as they allow for easy removal of the spa cover by one person and safely stores it next to the spa. They also give privacy as they obstruct the view into your spa from one side and can act as a windbreak as well.
  • Convenient spa vacuums help keep your spa spotless by “sucking” up that elusive sand and debris that can brought into your spa (especially if you have children). Spa nets help capture floating debris.
  • Aromatic moisturizing scents and crystals add another dimension to your spa experience. Available in many aromas, these are safe for your spas equipment, filtration and plumbing system. These are not oils – never use scented oils in your spa!
  • Fill filters are a great way to pull impurities from your source water as you add to your spa. We recommended these for customers with well or not so great city water. They really can make a difference
  • Booster seats are designed for those who are not quite tall enough to comfortably sit in different seats of a hot tub without the water being in their face. We have multiple styles of hot tub booster seats to choose from.
  • Towel bars are convenient for storing your towels until you are ready to exit your hot tub. Towel bars keep them out of the way but within easy reach when you are ready to dry off.
  • Spa pillows are designed for a more comfortable hot tub experience. Many hot tub manufacturers have pillows already built into their tubs but for those without we have a variety of pillows to select from. They can be easily moved with you as you enjoy the different seats of your hot tub. Even if your hot tub has pillows they are a great supplement as not all the seats have integrated pillows.
  • Hot tub umbrellas offer shielding from the weather. They allow you to enjoy your spa regardless of the elements by offering cover from rain, sun and snow. The base plate slides under your hot tub and the umbrella is available in a variety of colors. When not in use it simply fold down and swing off to the side of your tub.
  • Side shelves are an extremely versatile hot tub accessory. Mounted on or next to the hot tub they allow easy access to drinks, towels, cell phones, etc. while enjoying your hot tub.
  • Handrails are perfect for safely entering and exiting your hot tub. They provide stability when stepping into or out of your tub. Especially important for young children and those with physical limitations.

Many more items are available to make caring for and enjoying your spa easy. Stop in and let us show you how we can help.