Sensational was founded in 1989 primarily as a pool and spa service company. Our goal was to provide the best pool and spa products and services to our customers. That is still our vision today, although we no longer offer any pool services. We realized that Southwest Michigan had plenty of pool service companies, but only one quality spa and hot tub company. That company was us. We decided to leave the pool service to the other “guys” and focus all our efforts on servicing our spa customer’s needs.

To better serve our customers we moved to our current location in 1993 and opened our retail store offering both spa and pool chemicals, accessories, parts, and supplies. This move also allowed us to offer our own “Custom Built Spas”. We dedicated a portion of our facility to produce our spas. We would buy spa shells direct from manufacturers and then create our product. Our customers would decide on a shell that met their needs and then we would sit them in the spa and lay out the jet and controls placement. We then would drill, jet, and plumb the spa based on our customers placement. We used a separate building as a woodshop to produce the spa cabinetry, steps, handrails, and side shelves. While this was very successful for us, it was quite burdening. We were concerned that our priority was becoming a spa assembler and less attention was being given to the other aspects of the business.

Our customers deserve the best so in 1997 we chose to cease our spa building efforts and sell only quality made pre built units straight from the manufacturer. This transition allowed us to add more showroom space in the old spa assembly area and convert the woodshop to a complete service facility. We also gave the store a facelift and added additional products for our customer’s hot tub enjoyment.

We are committed to offering an upbeat and enthusiastic shopping experience. In 2001, with this in mind, we renovated our showrooms to increase the amount of spas we could showcase. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. At Sensational we believe the best way to confidently select the right hot tub is to be able to actually see and feel the hot tub itself, not look at a brochure to make your choice. Really, it’s the only way.

Sensational Spas offers you the largest selection of portable spas in Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana. We realize a key to our success has been keeping a large inventory of hot tubs in stock for our customers to choose from. As sales have grown we have had to expand our facilities to keep up. In 2003 we constructed a large warehouse on site and added another off site warehouse in 2007. This gives us 17,200 square feet of showroom and warehouse space. This space enables us to stock many models in various colors for you to see. This inventory also allows us to deliver your spa quickly, not wait for weeks for it to be ordered and shipped.

We have been rated a top 100 Spa Dealer. This achievement would not have been possible without our diligence to providing the most complete hot tub selection in the area, giving you the piece of mind when making your hot tub buying decision. Come in today and let us proudly show you some of the best spas in the world!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“A quick thank you for a great purchasing experience. Your selection, professionalism, and knowledge made for a relaxing hot tub selecting endeavor. You made my family feel comfortable and at ease while looking at all your hot tubs while we made our choice. We had looked for spas elsewhere but are confident we made the right decision to buy from you. Thanks.”
– Greg